Antique Telephones and Bells



In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell drastically changed our means of communication forever. The telephone allowed us to talk to one another over long distances. Originally phones hung on the wall and were made of wood. By the 1920′s, phones were becoming smaller, could sit on a table and were often made of brass or steel. By the 1930′s and 1940′s, phones were being mass produced by companies such as Western Electric.

Our antique telephones include a variety of models and some quite rare pieces as well. All have been restored and rewired for modern use. In some cases a touch pad or ringer has been added for convenience of use. Most restored telephones have a baked-on powder coat finish for enduring color and come with a one year guarantee. They are recommended for indoor use only.

Did you ever imagine that there were so many different styles of hotel bells? A century ago you would have found one on the counter of every grand hotel. Now you can bring home a piece of that history. From fancy double twist to a simple tap top, we have the perfect accent piece for your home, store or office.