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This Seth Thomas No 15 jewelers regulator is a rare American Victorian clock that would enhance any important collection and give the owner immense pleasure while proving to be an appreciating asset that would be very hard to replace. The quality and condition of this clock are beyond reproach. It retains all of its original components and has never been abused or suffered any serious damage. The workmanship and detail in the cabinet represents the highest level of quality Seth Thomas, or any other maker produced in this era. The selection and placement of the burl walnut is superb and the proportions of the case are very satisfying. The mercury pendulum is a thumbprint glass jar and sparkles from across the room. The engraved silvered dial is in almost perfect condition, as are the original hands. One reason this clock is so rare is the fact that it has a striking movement. Many collectors do not realize that this was a special option the factory offered, but was seldom done. In spite of the rarity of this model, we are offering it for considerably less than you would expect to pay for a standard timepiece. One year warranty.

Additional Information

  • Circa: 1880
  • Origin: American
  • Vendor: JIKR 2
  • Height: 101"
  • Width: 31"
  • Depth: 13"
  • Year Sold: 2008

Price: $49,500.00

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