Safes and Scales


Antique safes, scales and coffee mills have been a popular specialty of Solvang Antiques for thirty years. These restored scales and coffee mills are great pieces of American history, reflecting the design, excellence and passion for quality and aesthetics prevalent in American industry at the turn of the century.

Collectors find creative places all over the house to add these functional and colorful mechanical sculptures to their décor. You will always find dozens of interesting scales and coffee mills in stock at Solvang Antiques. Makers include Dayton, Toledo, Angldile, Fairbanks and Troemner, just to name a few.

Our restored antique safes and scales have been stripped down to the bare metal, painted with the highest quality of automotive grade paint, hand pinstriped, gold leafed and lacquered. All are in working order and are perfect for use in any home, store or office.

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