Brunswick Chinoiserie Upright Gramophone

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SOLI 113

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Antique Brunswick chinoiserie upright gramophone, circa 1918. This is a custom order US made gramophone with hand painted Chinese style paintings on the sides and top. The intricate painting depicts a traditional scene, with liberal use of gold paint and colored pigments. Made for the wealthiest families in its day, this gramophone most likely graced the parlor of a New York or Beverly Hills mansion of a world-traveling family. Exquisite in every detail, with gold plated finishes. Includes records, needles and a six month warranty. Made in Illinois by Brunswick-Balke-Collender.


49.25″H (closed) X 23.75″W X 23.25″D; 62″H (open)

Staff Picks

Rob chose a unique gramophone. “This Brunswick Chinoiserie Upright Gramophone is a particularly beautiful piece. What makes this piece exceptional is the attention to detail in the construction and ornamentation of the piece. The gold plated finish of the metal pieces stand in beautiful contrast to the dark surface of the hand painted scenes. This machine has an excellent sound quality and even has a built-in volume control rod. An excellent example of Brunswick’s craftsmanship.”

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