Bronze Sculpture Three Shots When Found by Mehl Lawson

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Bronze sculpture Three Shots When Found by Mehl Lawson, edition 7/35. This Mehl Lawson bronze sculpture tells the story of a missing wrangler. After a stampede, any missing riders were searched for until found. This rider has located the wrangler and his horse in the waters below the cliffs and fires the three signal shots to let the others know.

About Mehl Lawson

Mehl Lawson is a dedicated disciple of the refined, subtle elegance of the Santa Barbara Style that inspired the creative spirits of such men as Ed Borein and Louis Ortega. He is an artist in two mediums – sculpture and horses. He is accomplished in both venues and brings to each a concentrated focus that produces horseback memories and sculptural images of pure grace and beauty…read more


36″H X 25″W X 14.5″D

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