English Fusee Mantel Clock by Edward Thomas Loseby

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Antique English fusee mantel clock by Edward Thomas Loseby (1817-1890) of Leicester, circa 1870. This antique mantel clock features a Gothic architectural carved walnut case. The English mantel clock has a fusee movement.

About Edward Thomas Loseby

Edward Thomas Loseby was born in Leicester, apprenticing Rotherhams in Coventry. He was the maker of clocks, watches, chronometers and scientific instruments. His father, Edward Loseby, was also a clockmaker and Edward Thomas joined his father’s business early on.

He moved to London in the early 1840’s to work on chronometer balances. Loseby created a subsidiary compensation for marine chronometers using auxiliary glass tubes filled with mercury. In 1846, some of his chronometers were successfully tested at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. A year later the chronometers were purchased by the Board of Admiralty and put into service. In 1852, Loseby’s chronometers went with Capt. Sir Edward Belcher on an Arctic expedition. Overall, the Admiralty bought 13 of Loseby’s marine chronometers. In 1855, he moved back to Leicester to focus on high end precision clock making.


18.5″H x 14.75″W x 7.5″D

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