Antique English Carved Coral Belt Buckle

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Antique English carved coral belt buckle, circa 1820-1850. This two piece openwork gold toned belt buckle features two rectangular carved coral portraits, one of a Roman soldier with helmet and another of a woman. The carved pieces are of medium dark salmon colored coral and are circa early 1800’s, which were later set into this custom belt buckle. More recently the buckle was sewn onto a black fabric 28″ belt. The belt could be easily removed from the buckle. This antique belt buckle is appraised at $2,700.
This piece is accompanied by two cards from Marshall Field & Company. The first states that the piece is a Pinchbeck belt buckle from England Circa 1800. The second stating the name Pinchbeck came from the 18th Century inventor Christopher Pinchbeck (a London Clockmaker) who evolved an alloy process of blending gold with base metal.


Roman guard coral carving 35.45mm H x 15.30mm W
Woman coral carving 34.75mm H x 16.50mm W
Buckle pieces measure 48.70 x 43.42mm and 47.67 x 43.90mm
Weight 36.0 dwt

Staff Picks

Misty chose this unique antique belt buckle for the April 2019 Edition of Staff Picks. “This is truly a piece of history that you can wear! These coral carvings of the Roman soldier and woman are very well done by a circa 1800 English artist. The custom buckle from the early 1800’s made in the Pinchbeck method frames the coral portraits beautifully. This is an accessory that would be an exquisite statement piece and one that could be a family treasure for generations.”

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