Bronze Sculpture Reflections by Angie Whitson

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Bronze sculpture Reflections by Angie Whitson. This Angie Whitson bronze is edition 2/16.

About Angie Whitson

Angie Whitson, M.I.B.A., known simply as Angie, is a sculptress, painter and etcher. She is most noted for her limited edition bronze sculpture and her limited edition etchings using the soft ground technique with aquatint. There is a definite reflection of her fantasies in her work; the human force, the spirit of adventure and love. Angie extensively researches her subjects prior to creating a work. She presents her etchings in a very, serious mood, particularly her nudes, but also has a lighter humorous side, bringing laughter and joy to the viewer…read more


22.5″H x 9.5″W x 12″D

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