Swiss Brazilian Agate Framed Desk Clock by Gubelin

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Vintage Swiss Brazilian agate framed desk clock by Gubelin, circa 1930. This vintage stone desk clock has a modern Brazilian agate frame and original enamel dial at 15J eight day manual movement by E Gubelin Lucerne.

These vintage desk clocks are made entirely by hand. In some cases, fifteen different craftsmen are involved in the finished clock. The Brazilian agates are individually selected to harmonize with the vintage clock they are matched with.

The clock movements and cases are also individually chosen based on the maker shown on the dial and the Swiss factory that made the clock’s movement. Many of these movements were originally fitted into leather folding travel cases. Some that wound in the back were small desk clocks.

Each clock is restored by our team of master watchmakers using only factory original Swiss parts. They are designed to run for eight days but should be wound on the seventh day. It is important to accept that these are entirely mechanical clocks, and as such they cannot and will not keep time like a modern quartz desk clock. The agate stones are beveled and polished by a master gem cutter.

These clocks are designed to fit into any sophisticated environment and made well enough to last a lifetime.


5″H x 7″W

Staff Picks

Michael chose this agate stone desk clock for January 2019 Staff Picks. “This exquisite timepiece is a marriage of the old & new. A fine Swiss made 1930’s travel or desk clock by Gubelin of Lucerne is expertly fitted into a polished & beveled Brazilian agate stone created by a master gem cutter. As many as 15 other master craftsmen & clock restoration professionals may be involved in the process. This is just one of 4 of these agate clocks we have in inventory. Each vintage clock is matched with different colored agate for maximum aesthetic effect & designed to fit into any sophisticated environment.”

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