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Antique fine art can reveal your personality and enhance any space in your home or office and also make a wonderful timeless gift for a loved one or friend. A piece of antique art may be the perfect accent that you have been looking for. Antique fine art has a different air about it when compared to the art of today. Each piece of art, whether minute or monumental, brings a magnificent quality to any room.

Antique drawings are the perfect addition for a niche in your office or home. Antique engravings and etchings are the perfect accent to highlight a dining room or it may serve as the central theme of your bedroom suite. Whatever medium you may choose, at Solvang Antiques you will find the inspiration and the artistic expression you are seeking.

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  • Lithograph Veduta della Villa Estense in Tivoli by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

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  • Steel Engraving Le Gynecee by Gustave Boulanger

    Steel Engraving Le Gynecee by Gustave Boulanger

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  • Page from Book of Map of Dakota and Minnesota

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