Celebrating 40 years' experience selling to clients from around the world, Solvang Antiques is widely recognized as one of the country’s finest antique galleries. They feature 18th & 19th C. furniture showcased with an exceptional selection of restored antique clocks, watches and music boxes, decorative accessories, antique lighting, sterling silver and exquisite antique & estate jewelry. See below for some of our latest New Additions.


Show Opens: Friday, November 24th
Opening Reception with Artists: 
November 25th ~ Noon-4pm
Artist Demonstrations Saturdays through December 16  Noon-4pm

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Shown above: Estate 43 Piece Czech Bohemian classic dinnerware set by Old Prague.


Special Order Limited Edition Bronzes

New to solvangantiques.com!
You can now special order limited edition bronzes from artists such as Marty Goldstein. You will find this new category listed under the Judith Hale Gallery within Fine Art. See our new page here.

Shown above: Charlie by Marty Goldstein


Antique Turn-Teplitz painted porcelain bust, circa 1890-1905. This Austrian porcelain bust is marked Turn-Teplitz. The Turn-Teplitz porcelain bust depicts a woman in period costume with a headdress. Learn more.


Vintage pendant or brooch with diamonds and citrine, circa 1920. The pendant or brooch is set in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum with 69 diamonds at 2.07 carat total weight with three emerald cut citrine and three oval citrine at 28.14 carat total weight. Learn more. 


German Antiques

The antiques of Germany has been admired and cherished for generations.  Read on and learn about antiques unique to Germany. The music box industry of the late 19th century was largely based out of central Europe. Germany became an important center for music box production. Popular German music box manufacturers included Polyphon and Symphonion. The […]

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Spotlight: Edwardian Jewelry

Though a short period of time in history, the Edwardian era was a time of progression and fast evolution of English and American society. New technological discoveries of this era allowed the jewelry industry to exponentially grow. Read on and learn about the jewelry of this era, and why it is so widely coveted by […]

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Antiques in the Home: Dining

Whether you’re entertaining a small group of friends or having a lavish dinner party, creating a memorable dining room is essential. These antiques bring unique history and character to any dining setup. Reed & Barton Spanish Baroque Sterling Silver Flatware Furniture The first step to creating a stunning dining area is choosing the right furniture. […]

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Animal Antiques

Throughout history, artisans of all cultures have incorporated animals into their work. From birds and bees to dogs and lions, these animal antiques have enchanted collectors for years. American Hand Painted Wooden Carousel Horse Attributed Stein and Goldstein Painting and Sculpture The first art pieces created by humankind incorporated animals. Nowadays, it is easy to […]

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