Celebrating 40 years' experience selling to clients from around the world, Solvang Antiques is widely recognized as one of the country’s finest antique galleries. They feature 18th & 19th C. furniture showcased with an exceptional selection of restored antique clocks, watches and music boxes, decorative accessories, antique lighting, sterling silver and exquisite antique & estate jewelry. See below for some of our latest New Additions.


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Shown above: American Regina Corona Disc Changer Music Box, Circa 1890


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Shown above: Three Sapphire Diamond 18K Gold Ring


Antique platinum and 18K gold peridot and onyx bracelet, circa 1900. This 6.5″ bracelet has five oval peridot and six baguette onyx stones, and 20 single cut diamonds at 0.44 carat total weight VS-I1 clarity G-I color. Learn more.



Antique American and German ME Lamp Gothic hand cut fretwork clock, circa 1890. This one-of-a-kind art clock has cut fretwork and eight day movement with hour and half hour gong strike and is made by M.E. Lamp of Morgan, Minnesota. Learn more.


The Evolution of the Brooch

The brooch is one of the oldest and most celebrated pieces of jewelry. From the Ancient Romans to today, the brooch has grown to be an essential part of any woman’s jewelry collection. Diamond Butterfly Brooch The brooch has been a part of jewelry history for centuries. The first brooches were found in Bronze Age […]

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Antique French carriage clock with polished brass case

A Celebration of the Carriage Clock

Carriage clocks have enthralled antique collectors for decades. Their brief but unique history makes these clocks incredible collector’s items. Polished Brass Carriage Clock, circa 1890 Carriage clocks, also called “officer’s clocks”, were first developed in the beginning of the 19th century. Abraham-Louis Breguet, a well known French clockmaker, created the first carriage clock for Emperor […]

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Furniture of the 19th Century

In the 19th century, Europe and the United States experienced frequent change and advancement in society and culture as well as arts and design. Furniture made in this era reflect the fast-paced evolution of 19th century design. From the late Georgian era to the rise of Art Nouveau, this century provided beautiful pieces of furniture that […]

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5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day is an opportunity to show your love and devotion. These 5 gift ideas for Father’s Day are the perfect way to express that love. Whether it is an antique phonograph, a stunning pair of cuff links, or a masterfully made pocket watch, you can be sure that these gifts will make this […]

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