Oval Stone Rings

The oval shape is one of the most popular and beautiful cuts of stone. These oval stone rings serve as great inspiration for the next addition to your jewelry collection!

7.71 Carat Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring

The oval faceted cut emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. It has sustained popularity because of its elegant shape and ability to create an illusion of a larger gemstone. Oval cut stones have been used in halo settings, in floral design rings, and as solitaire stones. Popular stones that are cut in an oval shape are rubies and sapphires.

Oval Ruby Rings

Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring by Jabel

Platinum 2.10 Carat Ruby and Diamond Ring

1.50 CTW Ruby and Diamond Ring

1.52 Carat Oval Ruby Ring With Diamonds

Oval Sapphire Rings

0.79 Carat Oval Sapphire Ring

3.10 Carat Sapphire Platinum and Gold Ring

1.14 Carat Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

10 CTW Oval Sapphire Ring With Diamonds

Cabochon oval stones are also popular in rings. Star rubies and star sapphires are cabochon stones, meaning that they are not faceted and have a smooth, rounded finish. Jade stones are also cut as cabochons.

13.12 Carat Blue Star Sapphire Ring With Diamonds

Violet Blue Star Sapphire Ring With Diamonds

Oval Jade Rings

3.01 Carat Oval Jade Ring With Diamonds

5.25 Carat Oval Jade Ring With Diamonds

Lavender Jadeite, Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Lavender Jadeite Ring With Amethyst and Diamonds

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