The intricate craftsmanship makes these music boxes a work of art, and at a time when every part was made by hand. Our collection of antique cylinder boxes, automata, disc music boxes and phonographs are some of the finest made.

View the sampling of videos below of some of the music boxes we have been privileged to enjoy throughout the years and show you how much work and attention to detail went into making them. Their crisp clean tunes are still as remarkable today.

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Rare Monumental Mermod Freres Cylinder Music Box

Antique Swiss rare monumental Mermod Freres cylinder music box in carved Honduran mahogany case on matching table, circa 1890.



18-1/2" Mira Double Comb Disc Music Box with Original Storage Cabinet

Swiss 18-1/2" Mira double comb disc music box in mahogany atop original storage cabinet, circa 1898.



German Rare Singing Bird Box in Gilt 800 Silver Repousse Case

German rare singing bird box in gilt 800 silver repousse case with cherub musicians and lovebirds atop canopy, restored, circa 1930.