Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen was born in Radvaad, Denmark on August 31, 1866. Jensen is best known for his silversmith work which brought us some fantastic and innovative flatware designs focused on the influence of nature. Some of his most famous being the Acorn and Blossom patterns.

Georg Jensen began at the age of 14 as a goldsmith’s apprentice. He then moved to become a sculpture student at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, from which he graduated in 1892. He started a pottery business with a friend, Christian Joachim Petersen. Together they had a piece featured in the Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

After two years touring France and Italy he became fascinated by Art Nouveau styling. He embraced his new love and opened his silversmith shop in Copenhagen in 1904. Georg Jensen began making jewelry after opening his shop, as it was less of an investment than a flatware service. His business flourished and he had over 3000 flatware patterns and stores worldwide before his death in 1935.

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