Angie Whitson Biography

Angie Whitson, M.I.B.A., is a sculptress, painter and etcher and has a long tradition of arts in her family. She is a descendant of Pope Pius VII who was a champion of the arts.

She is most noted for her limited-edition bronze sculpture. Angie uses the soft ground technique with aquatint for her limited-edition etchings. She presents her etchings in a very serious mood, particularly her nudes, but also has a lighter humorous side, bringing laughter and joy to the viewer with her penguins. There is a definite reflection of her fantasies in her work; the human force, the spirit of adventure and love.

Angie’s art career began as a painter, studying at the Pasadena Museum of Art, now called the Norton Simon Museum. She began under the instruction of Thomas Larsen, and continued her education at the Northridge University. It was there that she found that she was a natural at color composition, and became interested in sculpture. With this new serious outlook, she continued her studies at the Art League of Los Angeles under the instruction of Hal Reed in the 1970's.

She has won eight gold medals, twelve first prizes and many 2nd and 3rd prizes. In her first international exhibit show Angie won first place for her fine sculpture.

She is registered permanently with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. for the archival work on installed bronzes in the academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Her bronze of Leonard Goldenson is installed in the Television & Motion Picture Museum in Los Angeles and one for game host Bob Barker is installed at CBS Television Studios. The University of California Los Angeles has her bronze bust of Ernie Kovacs installed in their Museum of Television of Motion Pictures and his second casting is installed in a museum in his home city of Trenton, New Jersey. Angie created bronzes for Mike Wallace, host of 60 Minutes and Leonard Goldberg, producer of Starsky & Hutch and Charlie's Angels for the Television series.

Many clients have adorned their homes with Angie's sculpture, soft ground etchings and her humorous etchings of penguin's "The Sophistiguins." One client has collected them for eighteen years. They have also been distributed to Japan and the language converted to Japanese. Her pride and joy was the installment of her sculpture in the "Glen Cairn" mansion in England, UK.

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