Decorative Objects

Solvang Antiques specializes in a variety of antique decorative objects and accessories from sterling silver to enamel jewel boxes. There is something for everyone, whether you love art glass, porcelain, pottery or silver. Our most popular categories include Silver and Art Glass.

Antique sterling silver encompasses some of the most beautiful artistic pieces from the 18th to 20th centuries. These items can be as simple as an octagon tray from Matthew Boulton to an elaborate tea kettle on stand from Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnerd. These silversmiths were true artisans of their time and their works will continue to appreciate in value throughout the years, making them wonderful investments. If you are looking for antique American silver you will find that we have a nice selection of these items as well. We have several gorgeous pieces from Tiffany & Co, Gorham and many more. Although these items are not always from the earlier centuries like the English, they still possess a great deal of charm and elegance. They make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift or even just a nice addition to a beautiful dining room table. For more information on sterling silver, please click here.

Antique art glass vases, bowls and other decorative items are among the most beautiful pieces of history to collect. The combination of delicacy and intensity makes art glass attractive to collectors around the world. Art glass comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, with defined subjects as well as abstract designs. When you shop at Solvang Antiques you will find designers such as Galle, Steuben, Tiffany, Loetz and Lalique. You will also find simpler creations like cranberry, cameo, satin, opalescent, iridescent, carnival and vaseline glass. Whether you are a passionate collector or just an admirer, you are sure to love our selection. For more information on art glass, please click here.