Barber Chairs and Cash Registers


At Solvang Antiques you will find a wonderful array of restored antique barber chairs and cash registers. All of our restored barber chairs and cash registers are in wonderful condition and working order. Bring some nostalgia to your parlor, office or store with these functional pieces of history.

The majority of our cash registers are Nationals. John H. Patterson was the founding president of the National Cash Register Company, the first manufacturer of cash registers. Patterson purchased several of the machines from their inventor, James Ritty, for his grocery and general stores. He then bought into the invention and began marketing them to retail establishments. From 1888 to 1915 the cash register was placed in fancy metal castings and spread into nearly every retail store. Finishes included polished brass, nickel, antiqued copper, paint and rarely silver and gold plate.

Almost all of our barber chairs were made by Koken. In the late 19th Century, Ernest Koken invented the first hydraulic barber chairs. They were also the first chairs that took into account the comfort of the customer adding a footrest and cushioned headrest. These chairs were known for their state of the art craftsmanship and have always been highly praised for their high quality and classy designs.