Invest in What You Love and You’ll Never Be Poor or Lonely

by Ron Palladino

Too simple to be real? No, too true to be ignored! And yet, few people recognize how essential this simple formula is to a gratifying and well-balanced life. No sensible person chooses a soul mate, circle of friends or work environment that they don’t understand, appreciate and believe in. Those who invest in family, people and careers they truly love are rewarded with the most precious treasures life can offer.

Financial investments are much the same. For example, if you love, appreciate and believe in antiques, you must invest in them and benefit from the incomparable gratification of living with them every day and watching them appreciate in value over the years.

The truth is, the financial performance of any investment is unpredictable and carries a level of risk. Antiques are among the most conservative investments you will hold in your portfolio. They will not follow the roller coaster highs and lows of tech stocks or grain futures, but increase at a steady and dependable rate over the years—although as auction sales in recent years have demonstrated, gains of 50% a year do occur as well.

Unlike paper investments, antiques have extraordinary intrinsic value, usually many times their market value. They provide the priceless added dividend of enriching your life as you live with them and learn to love them more each day.

How many things do you own or lust after that are not depreciating assets? Though I do personally indulge in the financial folly of leasing a nice car, this is my only depreciating asset vice. As I write this, Julie and I are surrounded by a house filled with antiques that we love and cherish. When we reflect on the pleasant added benefit of knowing they have multiplied in value many times since their acquisition, it’s a warm, aesthetically rewarding and comforting feeling.

If this sounds like the romantic ramblings of an eccentric and incurable collector who is having far too much fun in his obsession with antiques, it is only because it’s true.

If you are already addicted to this healthy habit, congratulations! If you are new to this concept, welcome to the discovery of a revelation that will enrich your life and your personal assets. Collecting antiques will open up an entirely new world of knowledge to you, as well as lifelong friendships that will develop and flourish from your newfound shared passions.

Antiques are aesthetic companions that feed your soul and enhance your net worth, assuring you will never be poor or lonely as promised in the title of this missive.

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