The Care and Feeding of Your Beautiful Rare Glass Dome

This mouth blown glass dome has survived over 100 years of service and will go on for another 200 years with a little care and understanding of its needs.

These domes are very strong and will not break if handled by the corners and short sides. The vulnerable area is the large flat portion. One should always avoid putting pressure on this part of the dome, even when cleaning it.

Though we have protected the bottom edge with insulating tape or tubing, this is the other potentially vulnerable point of the dome. Always be careful not to bump the edge on anything when lifting it on and off of the clock, and always place it on a flat surface, clear of any wayward elbows, cats, dogs, children, fires and floods.

We recommend that you do not handle the dome after consuming a bowl of well-buttered popcorn or any other finger lubricating comestibles. Best to lift the dome off and on the clock before the third martini, or after the fifth one.

If you have occasion to ship the dome, it should be supported in 4 inches of upholstery foam at the top and bottom, with no packing material against the large flat sides or on the inside.

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