Antique Scales

Antique scales and safes have been a popular specialty of Solvang Antiques since 1977. These restored scales are great pieces of American history, reflecting the design, excellence and passion for quality and aesthetics prevalent in American industry at the turn of the century.

Collectors find creative places all over the house to add these functional and colorful mechanical sculptures to their décor. You will always find interesting scales in stock at Solvang Antiques.

Among the inventory of scales you’ll find at Solvang Antiques will be styles such as fan scales, candy scales, computing barrel scales, miniature and toy scales, over-under scales, ET scales, offset and tilted fan scales, book scales, penny and lollipop scales, justice and balance scales, jeweler’s and gold scales, apothecary scales, micrometer scales, piece-counting scales, postal and platform scales, clock dial and 2-sided scales, skeletonized and illuminated dial scales, handheld scales, watch part scales, baby and household scales, grain scales, jockey scales, doctor’s scales, book scales, belt buckle scales, hanging scales, moneyweight scales, laboratory scales, produce, grain and hardware store scales, dairy, farm, meat, poultry and fish scales and ball, beam and beehive scales. In addition we offer beautifully restored coffee mills of all sizes, small safes and cash boxes, and painted and cast brass cash registers.

Makers include all of the major and many of the rarer makers, such as Dayton, Toledo, Angldile, Stimpson, Howe, Enterprise, National, Fairbanks, Jacobs Brothers, Peerless, Troemner, Pennsylvania, Chatillon and Sons, Detecto, Detroit, Empire, Salter, Chicago, Dodge, Mills, Hobart, Western, Continental, Standard, Avery, Turnbulls and Triner.

Please note that we do not provide appraisals for scales. For further information and to share your love of scale collecting, you may want to check out The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) and click their “Research and Reply”  link under Services.

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