Antique Grandfather Clock

There is nothing else that has the presence of an antique grandfather clock in the home. Grandfather clocks are also referred to as tall case, longcase, hall or floor clocks, and if you have been looking for one you needn’t look any further. Solvang Antiques has one of the best selections of restored timepieces in the country, and we are sure that we will have the perfect clock for your home, office or collection. We can almost guarantee that you have never seen a collection of clocks like the one we have to offer, which is why collectors and non-collectors alike have heard of Solvang Antiques, as we have created a name for ourselves based upon our exquisite quality and selection.

Are you looking for something special such as an antique English grandfather clock? We have quality restored antique timepieces of all varieties, including fine pocket watches, vintage wristwatches, wall clocks, and of course the all important antique grandfather clock. In short, there really is something for everyone, from collectors who are looking for something very specific to those who are just looking for something that will look wonderful in their home.

Visit us online at where we feature a broad variety of timepieces, ranging from small wall and mantel clocks to the classic antique American grandfather clock made by makers like Herschede, Colonial, Walter Durfee, Seth Thomas and Waltham. You can rest assured that all of the items you view are of the finest quality and will be perfect to complement your home or complete a collection you already enjoy.

Whether you are a collector, or you have just begun to appreciate the beauty of an antique grandfather clock, we have an enormous selection for you to choose from. We are sure that you will find many clocks to accent your style. At Solvang Antiques we are sure that you will not only find something you were seeking, but possibly something that you didn’t even know existed. That is the nature of antiques. To view our online catalog or get more information, we invite you to visit We look forward to serving you!

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