Antique Art Painting

The allure of a past era can enhance the atmosphere of any room, and an antique art painting is the perfect focal point to capture the attention of your guests. Paintings from the past have a different light and texture than those from the modern world. They quickly transport you to a different time and place. Solvang Antiques has a remarkable collection sure to please any art enthusiast or even the most novice patron. Whether you need to fill a large wall in your great room or a small niche in your office, we can offer you a wonderful selection of landscapes, seascapes and portraits to fit your décor.

Antique fine art has a different air about it when compared to the art of today. Each piece of art, whether minute or monumental, brings a magnificent quality to any room. It can be the crowning accent to highlight a dining room or it may serve as the central theme of your bedroom suite. In either case, Solvang Antiques can assist you in finding the finest quality piece you will enjoy for a lifetime. If you are a collector looking for a pristine signed painting or are new to the antique art world, we guarantee that we will have something to spark your interest that will be a wonderful investment and a beautiful addition to your home or office.

The artistic expression to set the tone of a room does not necessarily need to be on canvas, it may be an antique art sculpture that you desire. The refined artisans of the past paid careful attention to detail and their craftsmanship was extraordinary. They chose to use the most luxurious materials to create their masterpieces, such as fine Italian marble, alabaster, onyx and bronze. Their subjects were also very intriguing, from a sentimental maiden to a commanding Zeus, there is a piece that will speak to you. Any sculpture you choose is sure to enhance the décor of any room or be the perfect center to your theme.

Antique fine art can reveal your personality and enhance any space in your home or office and also make a wonderful timeless gift for a loved one or friend. An antique art painting is the perfect accent that you have been looking for. Whatever medium you may choose, at Solvang Antiques you will find the inspiration and the artistic expression you are seeking. Visit us online at

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