About the Steffensens

Solvang Antiques Owners Dwight and Arlene Steffensen

DA_photo_ATSArlene and Dwight Steffensen, the owners of Solvang Antiques, are perpetually building on the legacy of this much loved business, while continuing to provide the high level of product quality and customer service that has delighted customers from all over the world.

Their corporate identity, LEADS, is an acronym for their family initials—their children, Lisa and Eric, and their own names, Arlene and Dwight Steffensen. Their mission is to grow the business through leadership techniques Dwight successfully applied during his rise to the top of three highly successful distribution companies. The Steffensen’s core business strategy is to be leaders in their industry, not followers.

Born in Fresno, California and sweethearts from the age of 15, Dwight and Arlene recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have two children and four grandchildren and currently share their time between Solvang, Cambria and Carmel. Dwight is Danish on his father’s side and enjoys being part of the “Danish Capital of America.”

Dwight and Arlene have collected antiques and fine art for years, making ownership of Solvang Antiques a perfect fit. They welcome both regular and new customers to call on them for any and all of their antique needs, including the restoration of clocks, music boxes and furniture.

Solvang Antiques, is thriving in its new home around the corner on the bustling Copenhagen Drive.  Now complete with a fine art gallery, Solvang Antiques is featuring a variety of artwork and sculpture from the artisans of this and past centuries. The Steffensens continue to incorporate more art and jewelry into the furniture and clocks of the old store. With the increased variety of quality products and the enhanced look of the new store, you are sure to find the perfect antique pieces for your home or collection.

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